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  • How often should I check my spoke tension?
    With any new wheels, after every ride for the first 10 hours of use. Following that, at least once every 10 hours or when changing tires.
  • Do you fix bent rims?
    If a rim appears to be wobbling or twisted it can many times be straightened via truing. We can at times fix minor lip bends. However we will not fix flat spots or hard creased bends.
  • What types of wheels do you service?
    We can service almost any spoke wheel. Our focus is on off road Enduro and MX wheels for a majority of brands, from vintage to modern. Please contact us with your specific needs.
  • How soon after ordering do products ship out?
    Almost all wheel sets are in stock if indicated on the website and will ship within 1 business day. We stock a majority of popular 3rd party items and receive shipments daily to fulfill orders. If there is a delay of more than 3 days to ship an item you will be notified.
  • Are wheels ready to install on a bike?
    You will need brake discs and a sprocket including mounting bolts for both, and of course tires. We currently offer brake discs for KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas (2021 on), and Beta along with bolt kits. If you purchase brake discs with new wheels they will be installed on your wheels before they ship free of charge. We are not currently selling tires.
  • Do you sell spokes and nipples?
    We will soon be offering spoke sets and nipples that fit our wheels and OEM for KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas, and Beta. Our current parts stock is limited to servicing Wheel Worx wheels only. Please contact us for specific needs.
  • Do stock sprockets and disc rotors fit on Wheel Worx wheels?
    Wheel Worx wheels accept stock sprockets and disc rotors.
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